Vocabularies Discussion Paper

Provides an introduction and overview to issues of controlled vocabularies used in the Australian vocational education and training (VET) sector with an emphasis on vocabularies relevant to resources for teaching, learning and assessment.

Website Strategy and Functional Specification for AEShareNet

These two documents set out the business requirements and the detailed technical requirements for the development of a new website to support the operation of the AEShareNet copyright licensing system.

Technical Standards for Online Education and Training: A Scoping Study

This May 2000 report makes the case for the importance of technical standards in education and training. It documents achievements to date in this area; explains the various ways in which formal and de-facto standards are set; describes the various areas in which standards are important in education and training; and makes recommendations for priority activities.

AEShareNet: Reflections on an innovative venture to move copyright licensing into the digital age
Jack Gilding and Carol Fripp, The Australian Library Journal, Volume 52 No 1 February 2003